Tuesday, 23 February 2010


אוצר יפהפה עם הדובי החדש שלי בתוכו.
אני מודה ליוצרת האוצר על השילוב החגיגי של הפריטים- יפהפה!

הנה הפריט האהוב עלי מהחנות היפהפיה שלה!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

שיחון עברי-אנגלי לצ'אטים

שיחון אנגלי עברי לצ'אטים באנגלית ופורומים באנגלית

בשנה האחרונה אני משתתפת בהרבה צ'אטים ופורומים באנגלית.

עם הזמן גיליתי כל מיני קיצורי מילים, ראשי תיבות למעשה, שטוב לרכז אותם ולדעת אותם משתי סיבות-

1- פחות לכתוב

2- לדעת מה כתבו לך ולא לצאת אידיוט;)

OMG! My DD and I are ROFL! TYVM!

LOL=Laughing Out Loud - צב"ר בעברית (צחוק בקול רם)

ROFL=Rolling on floor loughing

WB= welcome back

OMG = oh my God - ביטוי להתרגשות, התלהבות, שמחה. חיובי (לא כמו אצלנו הפולנים).

TY = thank you

TYVM= thank you very much

YW= you are welcome

SS= So sorry

TTYL = Talk To You Later

DD = בתי היקרה (=הבת שלי)

Pls = Please

GL= good luck

BTW = By The Way

Thx = Thanks

NP=no problem

והנה עוד אתר עם מילון כזה


ואם יש לכם מה להוסיף- ספרו לי ואוסיף!

אאל"ט יש מקום לשיחון פירושים כזה גם בעברית, אי"ה בקרוב.

Happy mom's day & Valentine

Today, 14/2/2010 is both Valentine and mother day here in Israel.
The kids are making love notes to mom and moms are making love notes to their beloved ones.

Here, crafting hearts and felt and paper, my kitchen is messy now, but in the happy way.
Yes, I cleaned the house today, but all those hearts on the flour reminds me the good side of motherhood - the tones of clear, natural love I can feel every time I think of those sweet kids!

Thank you god, that you gave me those children, to be a mom!

The Purim dance

The Dancer in the mask hand pink and white wire doll

The Dancer in the mask is a ballerina, dancing and performing a special ballet just for you:-)

Waldorf style doll,
Face are hand painted with non toxic acrylic on natural wood bead, body is needle felted from Marino soft wool, at the size of 10 cm high.

She is playful and will make a good friend to any girl who loves pink , dancers, princes etc.

If you love her you can find her at my shop- here

Happy Valentine day

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Blog background

I made two new background for my blog-
Sewing theme and Romantic theme-
here they are-


It is almost valentine, a chance to say "I love you" to the one I love.
Here are two cards I made from the template of Tuesday Trio

here is the green love card-

And the romantic light blue-

Saturday, 6 February 2010

From scarf to wool on the posive side

Yes, You can destroy a nice scarf and yet do good.
I got this scarf and never use it, I love the colors but it was too long for me.
Now I decided to re use it. I started to open it and roll it to a ball.
I opened only half of it - still a lot of opening to to. It is wool and furry so many of the stitches are kind of felted - so I stop and open it.
Slow job, but I think that it is a good idea any way.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

was a cold day קור כלבים

אבל הנוף...
But the view was outstanding!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New mouse new babies

Sweet little gray mouse is cute as the real thing
can be a nice magnet and keep the cheese to himself!
And cute real Russian hamsters are for sale too.
Here is a family photo-
5 Shekel for each one.
they are cute and good with kids.
I sell only the cubs, of course!

And many scrap items for sale too- here
Have a nice day!


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