Monday, 29 March 2010


well, it was my first Passover at Kfar Tavor.
I enjoyed cooking many dishes, cleaning the house and decorating the table.
From Purim, I sang all the songs with the kids at read them the "hagada". It helped, they really had fun singing along!
It was happy Passover and I am so tired!
Here are some Before photos- of the table.
See the big wine glass? I decorated it my self with glass paints, few years ago. Today it was our "kidush" & Eliyahoo glass.

wishing you all happy \passover!


Thursday, 4 March 2010

flowers of spring

The spring arrived to my garden!
Blooming and green happy plants make my day!
here are some photos from my garden!

kids rubber stamps art

A hand drawing by my son, 4.5 years old artist, using a face rubber stamp-Three girls, by my daughter, 6.5 years old, using a rubber stamp and colored pencils.

and this is the rubber stamp- from

good day!


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