Sunday, 27 December 2009

vintage look plush Nooly brown bear & pattern

I Up cycled fake fur sleeve that I found at Nahalal into an adorable plush bear.
Hand embroidered face, I imagined he is a real animal so I talked to him and told him -
Here, here, I will make you eyes so you would see better.
I used two little plastic brown buttons for his eyes.
Vintage buttons as joints for his legs and arms.
He can sit and stand and change his arm position.
What I love is his "used" vintage look. It seems he was someone teddy, cared for a boy before!
But I sewed him last night from a used sleeve of a vintage winter coat, so he is as new as an up cycled teddy can be!
Hope you'll love him!
I do!

DIY pattern of Nooly the plush bear, for 15ILS only.
PDF file.
Sewing pattern Nooly the bear

Happy new 2010!

Monday, 21 December 2009

A walk to the fields - it was a sunny day!

Hi dear friends!
How are you?

Today was a sunny winter day so we went out to the fields near our house.
I took few photos to share this beauty with you.

Mount Tavor with its special OOAK shape is a :

And the field look lovely in green!

the kids made mud Art-
And the wines are the only thing that looks like winter:

Enjoy the sun!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

FP on etsy X2

Thanks to etteam and waterrose, I was at the Front Page of Etsy twice at the same time!
With Inbaliya photo and oowl's owls!

Thank you Driaa for letting me know!

Driaa makes one of a kind dolls and plush animal- take a look at few of my favorites:

Wish all artist good luck in sales!


Saturday, 12 December 2009

*December 2009 coupon* at OOWL

*December 2009 coupon* at OOWL
Holiday shopping discount...Expires December 29th!

The oowl shop is a special place, filled with owls that are one of a kind, each.
Each owl is hand made from up cycled fabrics or scraps.
The owls are Eco friendly.
You can read an interview with oowl's creator here!

For the last month of 2009 - A special offer!
20% off , from all the owls at
oowl shop, until 29/12/09

Convo me with coupon code: OOWL291209 as well as the items you would like, and I will create a discounted listing for you.

Coupon applies to total price of owls only (not the shipping cost).

Hoot Hoot!

Friday, 11 December 2009

A mermaid by Liya

See this beautiful little mermaid?
It is all the work of my 6.5 girl! All by her self, using my wool, my wood beads and scraps.
She designed, than created and sew it all up.

I am such a proud mom!

She is making one more now...

Sunday, 6 December 2009

גמדמדי הקסם Leprechaun charm and grace


לפני הרבה הרבה שנים
בארץ ישראל
בין הרים ובין עצים
חיו להם

חיו להם בנחת
יצירי קסם ממש כמו הפיות
רק במקום כנפיים
צחקוק שובב מאוד

עדיין חיים הם
גמדמדי קסם וחן
בבתים צמודי קרקע
ובמרפסות יפות נוף גם כן

וברגעים של השראה
כשעוצמים את העיניים
חוברים להם ארבעת יסודות הטבע
לגמדמד אחד או שניים

עץ, מתכת, אדמה ואוויר
ביצירה משותפת
בונים כאן עולם מופלא ונדיר
של גמדמדי הקסם


והנה מספר גמדמדים חדשים

Many years ago
At the land of Israel
Between mountains and the trees
They lived
The little tiny gnomes

They lived comfortably
Magical creatures like fairies
Only instead of wings
Very naughty giggle

They still live
Leprechaun of charm and grace
At Homes with gardens and land
Balconies with urban view as well

Moments of inspiration
Closing my eyes
They join the four elements of nature
Create me a Leprechaun or two

Wood, metal, earth and air
Joint work
Building a world of extraordinary and rare here
Leprechaun's magic
of woods.

/ Inbaliya

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Meerkat log, 28-11-09

Shalom dear friends!

I had such a busy and happy week here!

First, Liya and Inbal made me a sleeping bag.
Here is Liya sewing it for me:
Than she showed me how to do it and I helped - here I am, sewing:

Finally Inbal decorated it for me so I tried it...and fell asleep!


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