Sunday, 27 December 2009

vintage look plush Nooly brown bear & pattern

I Up cycled fake fur sleeve that I found at Nahalal into an adorable plush bear.
Hand embroidered face, I imagined he is a real animal so I talked to him and told him -
Here, here, I will make you eyes so you would see better.
I used two little plastic brown buttons for his eyes.
Vintage buttons as joints for his legs and arms.
He can sit and stand and change his arm position.
What I love is his "used" vintage look. It seems he was someone teddy, cared for a boy before!
But I sewed him last night from a used sleeve of a vintage winter coat, so he is as new as an up cycled teddy can be!
Hope you'll love him!
I do!

DIY pattern of Nooly the plush bear, for 15ILS only.
PDF file.
Sewing pattern Nooly the bear

Happy new 2010!

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