Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Just a photo

It is all about the red hot flower and this green thing inside, which made me smile and grab my camera. I love it!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wool Mother and baby-a special gift for a pregnant women

+ 3$ worldwide shipping

A Wool Mother is a special doll, with a baby in her arms and a womanly figure.

A unique Wool Mother, that I will create specially for you . I am creating them with special love and care. I choose the colors intuitively unless the buyer asked for specific colors.

Sizes:~ 5.5 X 4.5 inches

Wool mothers are to be placed above the women who gives birth or near by, to give her courage and hope- seeing the wool mom with the baby in her hands helps to see the purpose of all those pains - since there is a baby waiting!
This doll is hand needle felted from organic sheep wool.

The wool mom in the photo is for example only, Since I made her for a pregnant women and sent it away.

Made with love by Inbal Weisman (Inbaliya)

Buy your own owls!

10$ per one item
3$ worldwide shipping

This owls are cute, hand made and very sweet with children.
Eating only virtual mice, but giving tones of love,
you will find yourself in-love with those big buttons eyes!

100% sheep wool filling and up cycled fabrics, All of my hand made owls are Eco friendly purchases.
Price is 10$ for each special hand made owl.
You can tell me what are your favorite colors and I will make your special owl for you, Or get a surprise Owl!

Have a good day

Honey Bee Owl

This owl is cute, hand made and very come with children.
He loves Honey and Is very sweet. He can do funny faces and make you laugh.
you will find yourself in-love with those big buttons eyes!

Plastic moving eyes and up cycled fabrics, the Honey Bee Owl is Eco friendly purchases and a OOAK for owl lovers and for children over 3.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Make a sock bunny!

To make a white sock bunny, you will need a white baby sock, 2 buttons, needle and some wool.

1. Start your bunny with thinking.
Than take your white sock and turn it to the left. mark the ears lines:
2. sew back stitch on the lines of the ears. After it is all sewn together- cut the outlines:

3. Turn the sock to the right:
4. Now insert the wool- not to the ears- but to the face and body only.
5. Close the bottom and add eyes from buttons and face:

7. There it is- all ready! You can insert bells into the stuffing to make a rattle, or draw the face with markers. Whatever you want!

* This bunny tutorial is inspired by Kangali and Gal, our beloved rabbits who died by a dog 12 days ago.

Here is one more sock bunny - with a cotton bunny also hand made by me:


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