Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Make a sock bunny!

To make a white sock bunny, you will need a white baby sock, 2 buttons, needle and some wool.

1. Start your bunny with thinking.
Than take your white sock and turn it to the left. mark the ears lines:
2. sew back stitch on the lines of the ears. After it is all sewn together- cut the outlines:

3. Turn the sock to the right:
4. Now insert the wool- not to the ears- but to the face and body only.
5. Close the bottom and add eyes from buttons and face:

7. There it is- all ready! You can insert bells into the stuffing to make a rattle, or draw the face with markers. Whatever you want!

* This bunny tutorial is inspired by Kangali and Gal, our beloved rabbits who died by a dog 12 days ago.

Here is one more sock bunny - with a cotton bunny also hand made by me:

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