Sunday, 30 August 2009

IT is all about bunny love

Last Monday, We came back home to find our two beloved bunnies dead out side their cage.

The new white bunny, Kengali, was still breathing but very slowly. She died in my arms.

Her lover, Gal, was dead on the grass. He was with us for two years, since he was a little baby bunny.

Sometimes life are full of sadness.

To remember them, I invite you to a challenge- If you ever made a bunny, from any material, comment with a link to your work. I will collect all of the photos and post about them.

I find myself missing the bunnies and sad for the cruel dead they had. It seems like some dog's job:-(
But I do love dogs, and understand that it is nature. Life are fragile, but love is not fragile. The love for Gal and Kengali, our two beautiful bunnies will live forever, in every flower and every tree, everywhere, because we can feel it inside our souls.

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