Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New baby Donkey was born

An adorable donkey was born on 21 July 2009 , early in the morning, when the children of the house were still dancing in their dreamy clouds.

The donkey is Inbaliya's unique design, it's a Donkey playing toy, Waldorf style. It is so cute that every one who looks at it wants to cuddle and care for it.

I believe children should play with "hand made" and "made with love" toys instead of those cheep colorful plastic toys.

Three options


Love it?

You can now buy it!
Three options:
Pattern only PDF(sent via e-mail)- 25 ILS
Pattern and PDF tutorial - 40 ILS
Printed pattern and printed tutorial with all the matterials you will need kit- 70 ILS Free Shipping

Also Available items on my ETSY:
Inbaliya's Felt Baby Donkey
Inbaliya's Felt Baby Donkey - Pattern Neto
Inbaliya's Felt Baby Donkey - How to make it complete Kit

Have a happy and cute day!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tuesday was super!

Tuesday 15/7/09

I had an appointment to my destined. Haifa. I took all family with me, and they (father and two children) wend to the playground while I decided to be very brave and asked the Doctor to work without anesthesia.
I had few seconds of terrible pains, in which I had to remind my self it will soon be over (I said to my self - Hey, women! you gave birth to a child! you can dill with some little pains in your mouth!) and it was over. I am so brave!
Soon after the dentist we wend to the science museum of Haifa.

Here is Haifa view from a window inside the museum:
I love reflections - So here are two photos of reflections:

This is from the second flour of the Mada-Tech - pay attention to the lady figure on the glass!

This one is from the Aeronautical room: Here is the Balloon from this exhibition-

I looked for nice photos- An old plain and Star of David aperture
Then, in the Chromosome's room the children learned about the replication from a very big mechanic model-
And look- My boy is magical!
It is in the science- in- magic room. I loved it!
Finally we went home!
Tired but happy.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Heart wheat weaving

Hi! I am back from the wheat-weaving workshop and I am very satisfied with the new weaving I learned. It is known as "the heart" or "Corizon" - A traditional house blessing design.

It was such fun making it! Can't wait the two weeks for the next workshop!


While opening my dashboard I entered Pamela Zimmerman blog, which I follow, and read her beautiful posts from her "basket vacation". Pamela, I just adore your work! congratulation for the etsy featured
If you like her little beach treasure pouches which is featured in a competition on etsy - vote for her!

Have a Lovely day

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lady bug love

A designed photo with GIMP of my two lovely lady bugs at Zichron Yaakov, The Nadiv park, Jun 2009 for the blog challenge of MiX and Match

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Twins

Twins can be two copies of the same one but also can be two different people that, by the great power of god and nature, happened to be born together at the same time from the same mom.
Those twins are inspired by a friend cute twins .

may I introduce the sock-twins!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Alma's new Sock Doll

This pink long legs doll belongs to a new baby named Alma.
I hand sewed her yesterday, during a visit of friends. I love sewing those sock-dolls. It takes the time, working near the children.
Many times I think - I am almost done and immediately my son hear my thoughts and come to ask me something "mom, I am hungry" - "mom i need you..." etc. So it takes the time to sew something, but I love being with the kids, especially with a co-mom with me. Time goes on so smoothly when we are together!
Enjoy your family and friends!


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