Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tuesday was super!

Tuesday 15/7/09

I had an appointment to my destined. Haifa. I took all family with me, and they (father and two children) wend to the playground while I decided to be very brave and asked the Doctor to work without anesthesia.
I had few seconds of terrible pains, in which I had to remind my self it will soon be over (I said to my self - Hey, women! you gave birth to a child! you can dill with some little pains in your mouth!) and it was over. I am so brave!
Soon after the dentist we wend to the science museum of Haifa.

Here is Haifa view from a window inside the museum:
I love reflections - So here are two photos of reflections:

This is from the second flour of the Mada-Tech - pay attention to the lady figure on the glass!

This one is from the Aeronautical room: Here is the Balloon from this exhibition-

I looked for nice photos- An old plain and Star of David aperture
Then, in the Chromosome's room the children learned about the replication from a very big mechanic model-
And look- My boy is magical!
It is in the science- in- magic room. I loved it!
Finally we went home!
Tired but happy.


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