Tuesday, 5 January 2010

needle felting child

She is 6.5 years old, and she discovered the freedom of needle felting.
Here are some of her creations:

Dolls, mermaids and dancers:

The Zebra "Pasim":A fairy:
Green doll by my DD:

This is a swan in a pond. The pond is play mat with a string.
It was her present for me, her mom, with a hand written heart note in Hebrew: זה בשבילך, אמא
(This is for you, mom).

I got it last night and I am so excited! this is wonderful!

The swan is from pipe cleaners and wool. She needle felted it.

There are many more!
Horse, cat, many gnomes...
It is a magical world here!
A real wool cat with a felted wool cat- that was funny!
Have a happy 2010 from us all!

1 comment:

Dria said...

Wow! Impressive!
That swan in a pond is amazing!


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