Monday, 2 February 2009

Ancient Goddesses figures

Ancient Goddesses

Since I started uploading my polymer clay goddesses to
I would like to share the love to this unique women figure.

A goddess sculpture is usually a woman figure which represent a real goddess.
(Yes, I believe in god and goddess). Why usually?
because in ancient cultures, a goddess could be a triangle, a stone or anything else.
The most important symbols of a goddess figure are big belly - of fertile women, huge thighs, big/long breast and short neck. All of those elements together or apart are the figure of the ultimate women- who can deliver a baby easily through her huge pelvis, carry athe baby with her strong hands, feed him good mother milk from her great breasts and survive as she is not a thin lady.
The most famous ancient goddess known to the archeology is called
Venus of Willendorf(have been created between 24,000 BC – 22,000 BC):
She is a great inspirer for many artists.

Those two lovely goddess are from the prehistorical museum "Shaar Ha-Golan" - kibbutz near the Jordan river and the sea of Galilee:
Here are some more ancient goddesses:

Venus of Tan-Tan


Věstonická Venuše ( a ceramic statuette of a nude female figure dated to 29,000–25,000 BCE (Gravettian industry), which was found at a Paleolithic site in the Moravian basin south of Brno.):

Venus of Lespugue

I will leave the rest of the search for you - there are a lot of inspiring at the Prehistoric art
and hope you enjoyed this post (please live a comment if yes!)
and invite you to come again and visit and comment
for more of my hand made goddess figures.

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Ayala Levinger said...

אני כותבת לך גם פה! אני מאוד מאוד מאוד אוהבת את היצירות החדשות שלך בחנות מהחימר הפולמרי המוזהב. אני מסתכלת עליהן וזה עושה לי כמו אז שכתבת את השיר על הפיה, צמרמורת נעימה בגב ודגדוגים בראש. זה ממש יפה! אני מאוד אוהבת את הכיוון שאליו את לוקחת את החנות שלך גם.


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