Thursday, 5 March 2009

Give away a special goddess for you!

I love my body goddess polymer-clay sculpture 17$

The promise angel 15$

Aqua Bella Waldorf wool fairy 15$

I'd like to announce my first ever give away!

I will make the winner a special goddess or wool fairy
According to his/her favorite material( wool or polymer clay)!
All you have to do to participate is choose your favorite Item from my shop and leave a comment before March 12th 2009
. If you will join the followers of my blog, your winning chances are double! You may write if you like a goddess or a fairy as well.
I will announce the winner on March 15th 2009.

Good luck everyone!
Inbal Weisman


Audrey said...

Thanks for linking your give away on my blog!! You have a wonderful shop! This is my favorite item:


Ayala Levinger said...

I love the Spiral healing fertility goddess. her spiral figure is very appealing.
I like wool and clay but if I have to choose than clay. I have told you already that I find your golden clay godesses are something else...!

niftyknits said...

I love your moon goddess, but the aqua fairy you've shown in the blog post is actually my favourite, I just love the colour, so serene.

janil said...

My favourite is baabaa the white lamb! It's delicious!

Difficult choice... I love your wool creations but it's true your clay creations are original, special and unique!

Thanks for the chance!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

I'm your follower since now!

veroque said...

You many pretty items but this is someting a never saw:

veroque (vered)

minishoes said...

I really like the Mother Goddess ceramic sculpture pendant. Your shop is wonderful! thanks

Vidia2Be said...

I love love love your Spiral healing fertility goddess

Digital Misfit said...

Your goddesses are beautiful. My favorite is the spiral healing fertility goddess. I love the smooth and beautiful flow of her form.
I would love a clay goddess of my own.


Suzanne said...

I love the pink pig cushion Doll. It is so cute.

Suzanne said...

I'm following your posts on atom in my bookmarks.

judybrittle said...

I really love the Pixie Fairy Tova- Waldorf inspired Needle felted soft sculpture, faerie. That is so pretty. Thank you!

Inbal Weisman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachael said...

My favourite item in your Etsy shop is BaaBaa the lamb. It's really cute and I love lambs.
If I am a lucky winner, I would love a wool fairy please.

windycindy said...

Hi! I love your work! The "Tova Pixie Fairy" is one of my favorite creations of yours. I would be honored to win a handmade goddess from you. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Anonymous said...

The Tova Pixie Fairy is stunning, and her pixie dust magic would be delightful!

I love the cloth, love the styles...very charming and sweet...

i have just the place for one of these darlings...near my window to look out at the butterflies and hummingbirds, to be able to dream of riding on their wings!

Adi.Yotam said...

You are so talented! :-) My vote goes for the spiral healing fertility goddess. Good luck with the store!


marieisabella said...

I love this item:

Wonderful Giveaway!

Marie Isabella

Wiki said...

I love baabaa the white lamb. (I have a fetish for lambs :-))

I also really adore the Spiral healing fertility goddess.

Anonymous said...

Found you through etsy.
I am about to start selling on etsy as well.
Nervous, hope to make a good impression and I love to create.
I love- AROMATHERAPY HEALING cat and window hanging pillow
ashlomb at yahoo dot com

demmi said...

the healing goddess is my favorite con5459(at)gmail(dot)com


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