Saturday, 28 March 2009

Natural food Colors transport #1 -pink/red pee

It was few month ago. I noticed a strange and worrying color. Every time I peed I noticed a pink - blood like color. Nothing hearted, but it was stressing.
Then I thought - did I eat something red? well- yes! I ate great sweet salad that I made from carrots, apples and common beets!

Beta voulgaris esculanta (common beets):

Beet-red is a common English expression derived from the annoying characteristic of beet-root cells to "leak," staining nearby objects a dark red-purple. The staining-agents are betanin and other betalain pigments. Many Americans dislike beets. "They taste like dirt" is a common complaint, but Australians and New Zealanders wouldn't think of eating their burgers without generous toppings of pickled beet-root. Eastern Europeans have enjoyed borscht since the 1600s. Want to know a secret? If you have ever eaten strawberry jam, yogurt, ice cream, breakfast cereal, red meat, pizza sauce or drank red soda or pink lemonade, you have ingested betanin. Beets are a rich source of boron, important in the production of human sex hormones. Betalains found in beet juice also have antiviral and antimicrobial properties. They demonstrate powerful antioxidant activity reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Unless you prefer the fruit of the prickly-pear cactus, beets are the only other edible source of these valuable nutriceuticals. " ( from

עוד מידע על הסלק בעברית

"סלק אדום משפר את מערכת החיסון בגוף ע"י שיפור מעבר חמצן לתאים ולרקמות.

בטנין, הצבע האדום כהה שבסלק, יכול לגרום לצביעת הפרשות הגוף באדום כצבע הסלק האדום. תופעה זאת אינה מזיקה ותיעלם ברגע שמפסיקים לצרוך את הסלק."

Well, If you think you have a funny color - don't worry if your diet is beet red

Have a good week


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