Saturday, 4 April 2009

homeschooling -learning with the computer

As a homeschooling mom I do love to find help to the curriculum on the network. Here are few of what we have found today.
מרכזת כמה אתרים עם משחקים מוצלחים עבור הילדים- משחקים שמתרחשת בהם למידה של תכנים לימודיים מעבר להנאה נטו:

Some nice sited for teaching and learning with the child:
  1. חשבון ict
  3. בסנונית:
  5. This site looks great but pretty expensive- almost 10$ per month for account!
  7. We also have account on BrainPop Hebrew
  8. The nile game is very simple-great for young child:

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