Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Happy birthday girl!

My lovely child is 6
six years ago a new life has began. A child was born, with 4.030 kg and a very happy new mom- me.
It took me some time to learn how to be a mom- It is more then breastfeeding and hugging. It is listening to my instincts and hearing my heart love. It is looking at you and trust you, as you know best what's good for you.
When she turned 6 month, I gave her banana for the first time. She hated it! And she hates Banana's today too...

She talked so clearly when she was 9 month old.
10 month she walked for the first time.
Time goes on, miracles happens every day.
You are six years old.
I love you so much!
Happy birthday Liya!

She love horses and cats and lions. so she Draw them all the time.
Here she is at the beach with her brother- long curly hair and happiness.

With love

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