Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sock Dolls By Inbaliya

Are you also a proud member of the lost sock club?
If you have here and there a sock with no match, you can join the club!

the left pair can be up cycled to a nice toy or something useful as a bed snack or even toys filling!
Here are some of my sock creations!
Some are from new socks who were to small for my children, or to synthetic.
"Hi! nice to meet you! I am GoGo, and I am looking for new home!"
This adorable baby bunny is about 12cm long,
a Waldorf safe for babies doll with peaceful face.
All hand sewn by Inbaliya.

Sewing socks is a really nice hobby! Enjoy!
Here is a good tutorial by YAMA (Hebrew, Photos, I think anyone can understand it) and this is Yama's blog (check it out!)


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