Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The owls are here!

Lately I have been focusing on owls.
Dolls, magnet and finger puppets.
I opened a new shop- called OOwls. Come to see it!

Hedwig the Snow owl magnet doll


It was a white snowing night
and from silence she came
white wings and long,strong fits
Her eyes blinked in the dark cold night
As she found a mouse to feed her
little ones.

This is Hedwig. Hedwig was Harry Potter's pet Snowy Owl and magical familiar. She was a gift to Harry on his eleventh birthday from Rubeus Hagrid.

She has a magnet inside.
Size: ~ 6 Cm X 6 cm body

Tweed little baby owls

Tweed baby owl is made from manly tweed fabrics and googly eyes.
It fits to his father special place between legs to body.
The father owl is also available to purchase here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32323177

This baby owl is sweet and kind. He is a well behave little one and he waits to his mother owl every time she goes hunting.

Because of his googly eyes, He likes to play with human children too! He makes funny faces and everyone enjoy!

baby owl: 5.5 X 6 cm
toddler owl: 10 X 8.5 cm

And many more!

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