Saturday, 5 December 2009

Meerkat log, 28-11-09

Shalom dear friends!

I had such a busy and happy week here!

First, Liya and Inbal made me a sleeping bag.
Here is Liya sewing it for me:
Than she showed me how to do it and I helped - here I am, sewing:

Finally Inbal decorated it for me so I tried it...and fell asleep!


niftyknits said...

What a beautiful sleeping bag - you've decorated it with a meerkat and an owl! Lovely!

Originals by Lauren said...

how cute!

Jaci said...

Treasure, happy to see you have your own sleeping bag for your long trip! Now you'll feel at home every night when you crawl into your own bed, no matter where you are :)

Pamela Zimmerman said...

so cozy! wonderful...i wonder where Treasure will turn up next?


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